Book description: Scattered Years


Alice Garrett is uncommonly perceptive. Her instincts are always right and electrical devices behave strangely when she’s upset. When her younger sister, Annie, gets pregnant in high school, Alice takes her in and supports her and her son, Connor. As Annie spirals out of control, Alice becomes Connors primary caregiver and bonds completely with her little nephew.

Suddenly, Annie is back. She demands custody of her son, and after a court battle, wins it. Despite the fact that Alice has visitation rights, Annie soon vanishes with Connor and all attempts to locate her fail.

Years later, Alice is happily married with a successful career, but she never gives up hope of finding Connor. But tragedy obliterates those hopes and Alice falls into a deep depression until a chance encounter with Buddhism gives her some small measure of peace. The meditative practice calms her battered soul, but it also begins to stimulate her natural psychic abilities.

When Alice decides to take a cruise to get away from it all, that is exactly what happens. As her ship passes through the mysterious “Bermuda Triangle”, Alice is deep in meditation. She awakens in an energy vortex outside Sedona, Arizona, displaced in time and space.

Unsure what has happened, Alice feigns amnesia. When she realizes there might be a chance to change the past, she embraces it. The clock is ticking and Alice is in a race against time to change the deadly sequence of events that took young Connors life.


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