About the Author

Gilliland, Lucy-0797Lucy S. Clair learned to love stories when her grandmother read to her from infancy. While other kids played ball and rode bikes, poor health kept Lucy bedfast for months, devouring nearly everything from the tiny nearby library. She dreamt about writing a book but it took her daughter, Rhiannon, to serve as catalyst. While providing transportation to SouthWest Writers meetings to support her, Lucy came to believe in her own ability to write. “All fiction is some combination of allegory and auto-biography,” Lucy says. “My time travel trilogy leans heavily toward allegory with a little autobiography in disguise. Science Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal has been my chosen genre since childhood, first as a reader and now as a writer. My fate was sealed the day I wandered into the two-room library in Evans City, Pennsylvania and took Peter Beagle’s The Last Unicorn from the shelf.”

Peggy Herrington, owner of Herrington House Press, mentors writers, edits, designs and publishes books, and helps authors publicize them. An active member of SouthWest Writers since 2004, she was editor of the SWW Sage newsletter for three years and twice served on the Board of Directors.