About Us

Lucy St. Clair grew up in rural Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh. She earned her nursing degree from Ohio University and has worked in a dozen hospitals in four different states including over seventeen years on the Navajo Reservation and seven years with the Veterans Administration. She currently works in Albuquerque, NM.

She got her love of the written word from her mother and grandmother who were both avid readers. When a childhood illness kept her bedfast for months, books became her distraction and then her passion.

“Science fiction and fantasy have always been my chosen genres.” Lucy says. “My fate was sealed the day I walked into the tiny two-room library in Evans City, Pennsylvania and unwittingly pulled Peter Beagles ‘The Last Unicorn’ from the shelf.

“Scattered Years” is Lucy’s first published novel. Its sequel is in editing and the third installment in the works. She also contributed to the South West Writers “Storytellers Anthology”.

When she isn’t working or writing, Lucy enjoys Albuquerque’s vibrant music scene and loves the opportunity to travel.  She lives in Albuquerque with her daughter and several rescued ankle-biters of the canine persuasion.